Lumbar Disc Herniation Surgery Pre Surgery Service Only.

29.00 $

                                                                          Lumbar herniated discs are a widespread medical problem. The wrong doctor can cause you paralysis, even death.

If you choose this well known doctor who has over 30 years experience of discectomy surgery in North America, and 100% successful record to help patient recover, every dollar you pay will be worthy. The doctor will charge about 20,000 dollar.

Once you pay the medical agent fee, we will start to serve you to send your medical documents to our doctor, negotiate with all the departments of that private hospital related to your surgery, we provide the whole pre surgery service only. Please make sure you provide correct email address. By click “PLACE ORDER” button, you agree the service fee are NOT refundable!

P.S. If you need further assistance and help, such as the whole service, including pre surgery and post surgery, such as post surgery including picking you up from airport in doctor’s city, visiting this doctor, and helping you to checking in and checking out hotel, seeing you off in airport, assisting you to buy food, etc, please buy Herniated Disc Surgery Assistant package only.



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